DiRoma Eck & Co. LLP is a boutique international government relations firm where our clients are managed only by our principals. 

Our team

We rely on decades of high-level experiences and trusted relationships in the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Treasury Department, academe, and the private sector to serve our clients to the highest standard.

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Our services

We work with domestic and international financial institutions, and defense, transportation, emerging technology, and other privately held and publicly traded companies, in addition to bespoke advisory clients.

Our approach

We have the privilege of advising and representing select clients before the United States Congress and the Executive Branch.

From tax policy to financial services; from crypto to cybersecurity; and from international affairs to appropriations, we utilize our smart, serious, and focused approach to government relations.

We've worked with the following select clients

We've been included in the following select press

"Take Tax Reform Part II Seriously" by Michael D. DiRoma

"Bitcoin ows much to 'hawala' money exchange" by Andrew Q. Eck

"Crypto Aims to Boost Influence With Washington Hires. Facing scrutiny, cryptocurrency industry builds ranks with advisers and lawyers familiar with Capitol Hill."

"The firm represents a number of significant crypto-related firms from various corners of the industry who have really become thought leaders to policymakers across Washington.”

"DiRoma Eck and Co. has positioned itself as a “thought leader” for Washington policymakers."

"Treasury Departure Lounge - Michael DiRoma and Andrew Eck are launching DiRoma Eck & Co."

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